Public notice: the software for running this site is pretty old. I'm building a new searchengine as we speak... Please visit searchl57jlgob74.onion to join our beta-tests!!!

second notice: the server costs are about $400/year (a dedicated box). At the moment, i'm running this service out of my own pocket, but i'm seriously considering stopping the service unless i get some donations from people that like this service: 1Anonh8Z2LTvybNAvxMLj3iYF7QpQBshRz

Welcome to the new tor! searchengine... Completely anonymous, currently indexing almost 1.75 million .onion urls (and growing)

We're currently surviving on donations, so if you like my service ;) => 1Anonh8Z2LTvybNAvxMLj3iYF7QpQBshRz
Contact: BM-2cVFg1tfx3woArJDU34LVFd81tXLr3gD1h

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